Will the Internet Ever Stop Expanding and Growing?

The internet is a technology that most of us take for granted today. In fact, the current generation has never known a world without the internet.  This is a fact that certainly makes me feel old, but it also helps me to realize just how amazing this technology is.

Pre-internet research

As someone who enjoys studying subjects like history and philosophy, I am very capable of understanding just how special the internet actually is.

Even back when I was in high school, all of the research that I needed to do for certain school work required looking up my resources manually.

This meant that I would need to spend time in the library and find the physical books and newspapers necessary for my research.

Thanks to the internet, this current generation will never have to go through that same struggle.

So much information, so little time

As our lives have become more complex, the internet has served as a hub of information for people of all backgrounds.  Being able to access the internet provides people with the essential resources necessary for research.

Schools all across the country now have access to high-quality computers with access to the World Wide Web, whereas when I was a kid, we only had access to Apple IIe’s with games like Oregon Trail.

A double-edged sword?

There are some valid concerns regarding information overload. While we are able to easily access all of the information that we need in order to remain well-educated, there is a growing concern in regards to false information.

False information can be very dangerous, as it can lead one to certain ideas and world views that are not based in reality.  The internet is full of false information, and so it is necessary that all of us take the time to cross-reference the information that we find on specific sites in order to avoid being duped.

Thankfully, there are certain fact-checking sites out there that can help in this regard.  Personally, I tend to look at any information that I find online with a skeptical eye unless I can verify it through multiple sources.

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Always make sure to research the sites that you are getting your information from so that you don’t end up falling for misleading info.

It’s still a positive overall

In spite of the fact that there are people out there with ideological agendas who might wish to manipulate facts in order to push you into a specific view of the world, it’s still important to remember that the internet is an overall positive.

Technology like this is absolutely amazing, and it really does show the capacity for innovation that humans have.

Like any technology, however, it can be used for positive or negative purposes.  It is ultimately up to the individual to figure out how to use this amazing technology themselves.

So long as we are vigilant in our search for knowledge and responsible in the way we deal with facts, the internet is a huge positive.